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NBA hiatus could spell potential return for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving with Nets

Nets fans can dream, can't they?

Who would have thunk it? Just two weeks ago the Brooklyn Nets fired head coach Kenny Atkinson, shutdown Kyrie Irving for the season with a shoulder impingement and announced Kevin Durant wouldn't be returning until the 2020-2021 season.

Rough month for Nets fans, eh?

Rough month for the world at large with COVID-19 touching every corner of the globe and forcing businesses to shutdown and individuals to avoid large gatherings and to self-quarantine.  

There have been many families impacted by this terrible virus and nothing can be gained from a pandemic that has the collective civilization holding its breath.

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The NBA, much like the other professional leagues, is on hiatus, and this could be particularly meaningful for two Nets stars: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. 

If the NBA season resumes in late-May or June, as expected, that could put the NBA finals anywhere between July and August. A quick peak at the calendar reveals that is five months away. 

I'm not saying it's a strong likelihood that either star or perhaps both would be back with the team, but the longer the NBA is on hiatus and the more Irving's shoulder heals and Durant builds up his strength in individual workouts and practice, the less crazy this scenario seems. 

The Nets have been consistent in their cautious approach with both players, but given three months time to rest and recuperate could be exactly what the doctor ordered and at least give fans a reason to hope and dream to see the dynamic duo before next season.