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As if this season hasn’t had enough twists and turns for the Brooklyn Nets, now one of their first year players, Wilson Chandler, is reportedly not welcome at his own place of residence.

Just a day after the Nets announced that four players tested positive for the Coronavirus, this news broke, which apparently came as a direct result of the positive test.

The building manager of where Chandler lives in Brooklyn reached out to the Nets’ player to tell him he should “possibly stay out of the lobby etc. [because] we can’t afford to lose our staff.

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Chandler went on twitter to elaborate on the whole ordeal.


As you see he mentioned how the manager wanted to know his status and if he in particular was one of the four players who has COVID-19. Therefore presumably the manager reached out to Chandler as a precaution at least until she knew for sure whether or not he had it.

Now regardless of whether you’re taking Chandler’s side or his building manager’s side in this case, both sides are understandable. For all we know the manager could have staff members who are more susceptible to the fast-spreading virus, such as older people and people with existing respiratory issues. Therefore she could just be playing it safe, keeping her staff’s best interest in mind.

On the other hand Chandler has every right to be offended that the manager had the audacity to reach out to him to make such a request. Who wants to essentially be told to stay away from where they live? The manager probably assumed “he’s an NBA player so he can afford to stay somewhere else in the meantime,” however such an assumption is out of place.