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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Fever are about to begin their 23rd season as a WNBA franchise. And there's nowhere to go but up after recording single-digit wins in four of the last five seasons.

It was a critical April for the organization, which is part of Herb Simon's portfolio and also includes the Pacers, Fort Wayne Mad Ants, Pacers Gaming and the Pacers Foundation.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it was the first time in WNBA history a team had four first-round picks. (That's four of the first 12 picks.) The Fever ultimately made seven selections on draft night with interim general manager Lin Dunn making the call.

They had picks 2, 4, 6, 10. And throughout draft night, there was a documentary crew filming the whole thing. Sports fans rarely get access like this, brought inside the room and listening in to the phone calls between the front office and the draftee. In town, the Colts have led the way with it and providing unprecedented access.

If I'm a sports team, this is the way to go. Use that access to take fans and others where they can't go — in a meeting, in the decision room, to a practice and on the team plane. Forget postgame summaries; we all watched the game and can read a boxscore.

This ... has staying power. It can reengage fans while also adding to the fan base. It's compelling content, just like HBO's Hard Knocks during NFL training camps.

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Watch the video produced below. It's worth the time.

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