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The Chicago Bulls have made huge upgrades over the last year to their roster. 

At the trading deadline last season they went out and got Nikola Vucevic from the Orlando Magic, and this past off-season they signed Lonzo Ball and four-time All-Star DeMar DeRozan. 

Clearly, the moves seem to be working because the team was 31-41 last season and missed the playoffs, but are off to a red-hot 8-3 start to the 2021-22 season. 

I think that with the way the Eastern Conference is shaping up, and their hot start to the season they should go out and make a trade to solidify themselves as a contender. 

Who should they go get? 

The Bulls have a star point guard, shooting guard, small forward and center. 

However, they are not as deep at the power forward position, and I think they should go try and get Domantas Sabonis from the Pacers. 

There has been no reported interest of the Pacers looking to trade Sabonis, or any reported interest from the Bulls in trading for Sabonis, but getting him would easily make the Bulls a contender. 

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Sabonis is a two-time All-Star, and according to Spotrac, he will make $19.8 million this season. 

In a league where some players are making $40 million, an All-Star making less than $20 million is cheap. 

It also makes a deal more possible considering salaries would have to work for the Bulls to even acquire him.

The Bulls have good young players in Coby White and Patrick Williams (both out right now), or maybe they could get a third team to take one of those two players and send draft picks or a different player to Indiana. 

This deal would make the most sense for the Bulls, but for the Pacers they would have to be open to rebuilding which is probably not the case right now. 

The team is loaded with veterans such as Sabonis, Myles Turner, Malcolm Brogdon and Caris LeVert. 

That being said, they have dealt with injures the last two seasons and missed the playoffs last year and are off to a 5-8 start this season. 

If the Pacers are not a playoff team at the trading deadline maybe they would sell high on some players, but that is the unknown.