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I think the Philadelphia 76ers made a mistake. 

No one knows how the Ben Simmons situation is going to end, and they could have traded him for a player on the Indiana Pacers that could have helped them win an NBA Championship this season. 

One of the latest updates on Simmons can be seen a tweet that is embedded below from Shams Charania of The Athletic. 

Over the summer, Jason Dumas of Bleacher Report (see tweets below), reported that the Pacers offered the 76ers Malcolm Brogdon and a first-round pick for Simmons and he said the 76ers declined.

Unfortunately, Brogdon can no longer be traded this season. 

That's right. 

The Pacers gave him a contract extension for two-years, $45 million, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski (see tweet below) and according to ESPN's Bobby Marks (see tweet below) that means that Brogdon cannot be traded this season. 

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Is Brogdon a better player than Simmons? 

Of course he isn't. 

However, the 76ers have not had Simmons play in any games this season, and the entire situation appears to be a distraction and at the very best cannot be good for team chemistry. 

Last season, Brogdon averaged a career-high 21.2 points per game, and he also grabbed 5.3 rebounds and dished out 5.9 assists per game. 

He also shot 38.8% from the three-point range. 

One of the biggest reasons why Simmons and All-Star Joel Embiid struggle at times is that Simmons cannot shoot very well. 

Brogdon averaged over 21 points per game last season and is a knock-down three-point shooter. 

Sounds like a match made in heaven. 

Unfortunately, it can no longer happen this season.