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The Indiana Pacers are 2-6 on the new season, and the Brooklyn Nets had gotten off to a slow start, but now have a 4-3 record. 

The Pacers had expectations to become a playoff team, but a slow start won't tilt anyone's head. 

However, the Nets were supposed to win the NBA Championship this season led by Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Kevin Durant. 

Unfortunately, they have not had their seven-time All-Star guard Irving for any of their seven games this season and Friday will be no different. 

Due to the New York City mandate, Irving needs to have been vaccinated to play in home games for the Nets, and while he could technically be a part-time player and only play on the road, the Nets have come out and said that will not be happening (see tweet below from Shams Chariana of The Athletic). 

Therefore, the Nets are just simply without one of the best 25 basketball players in the world. 

In my opinion, I think they should trade him, and while there has been no reported interest from either side, one team I think would work is the Indiana Pacers. 

Why do I think it would work?

The Nets are trying to win a championship this season, and they have a roster loaded with veteran stars and veteran bench players. 

They do not have time to waste. 

Sure, they are not as old as the Los Angeles Lakers, but Durant is 33-years-old with an injury history, and Harden is 32-years-old. 

The Nets do not need more guard play, because they have Harden and they added Patty Mills during the offseason. 

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Instead, they need help in the power forward/center department. 

What do the Pacers have? 

A surplus of big men. 

Domantas Sabonis has made the All-Star game in each of the last two seasons, and Myles Turner led the NBA in blocks per game last season for the second time in his career. 

There is no question that if the Nets got one of Turner or Sabonis to go with Durant and Harden they would win the Eastern Conference this season. 

As for the Pacers, they would get a player that would instantly bring them recognition and exposure. 

Not to mention Irving also played with Caris LeVert in Brooklyn. 

Right now, the Pacers are not a very popular NBA team and probably have the least star power outside of only a few teams. 

Lastly, Irving would get a fresh start in a place that has a great role players around him, and he would immediately be eligible to play since there is no vaccine mandate in Indiana. 

Is there trade ever going to happen? 


Should it happen?