Pacers' Malcolm Brogdon Status Against Hawks

Malcolm Brogdon will miss his fourth consecutive game on Thursday against the Hawks.
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Malcolm Brogdon will miss his fourth consecutive game of the season on Thursday against the Atlanta Hawks in Indiana. 

The Tweet with Brogdon's status can be seen in a post below from FantasyLabs NBA.

The loss is a huge one for the Pacers, who rely on Brogdon to run a lot of their offense. In the Brooklyn Nets game a week ago, Brogdon left the game with an injury.

The Pacers lost that game, and then they have also gone 1-2 in the other three games without him. Right now, they will need their bench unit and other guards such as Caris LeVert and Aaron Holiday to step up because a Pacers loss on Thursday could be detrimental for their playoff hopes. 

If the Pacers lose, the Wizards can win over the Raptors and become the ninth seed in the Eastern Conference and push the Pacers to the tenth spot. In addition, if the Raptors win, the Pacers still keep the ninth seed, but the Raptors will be just 2.5 games behind the Pacers in the standings.

The way things are going, it is not a stretch to think that the Wizards will likely surpass the Pacers this week or next, but the big thing for the Pacers will be to fend off the Raptors from completely knocking them out of the playoffs. 

The Pacers are currently 7.5 underdogs, according to FanDuel.

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