By Rob Mahoney
November 06, 2012

Gerald Henderson Gerald Henderson is expected to miss 2-4 weeks with a mid-foot sprain. (Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)

By Rob Mahoney

The Bobcats are set for a season of development and plenty of losing. This is a team without the capacity to make all that many shots, much less create them, and they're wholly unprepared to contend with NBA-caliber competition in coverage or on the glass.

That makes it all the more difficult for them to recover from injuries to prominent players -- a reality which rookie head coach Mike Dunlap must now tackle due to the absence of starting guard Gerald Henderson. According to a release from the Bobcats, Henderson will miss 2-4 weeks with a mid-foot sprain, thus leaving Dunlap to scrape from the bottom of his rotation to fill important minutes. Moving Ben Gordon or Ramon Sessions into the starting lineup to replace Henderson would be easy enough, but doesn't at all solve the problem; aside from the fact that neither Gordon nor Sessions really replicates Henderson's on-court value, making either reserve a starter only puts the Bobcats' bench at a further disadvantage.

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