By Ben Eagle
November 06, 2012

Stan Van Gundy Stan Van Gundy thinks referees, not the league, could solve the NBA's flopping problem. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

By Richard Deitsch

Stan Van Gundy thinks the NBA’s new flopping rule is going to be a flop.

“I think the attempt to try to address it is a good thing but I don’t see the rule having much effect,” said Van Gundy, the former Magic coach who is transitioning this season to broadcasting with NBC Sports Network and Dial Global radio. “First of all, I think the only ones that you will see penalized are very, very egregious flops. I'd be surprise if it even got to one a game, and I think anybody who watches basketball knows that there is far more than one every game.

“And I don’t even think this is the NBA's fault. I just think it’s impossible the way the rule is written where they can 'crack down' on it. I think they will make sort of a cursory attempt, and make it look like they are trying to do something about it.”

[NBA officially warns two under new flopping rules]

Van Gundy cited his brother Jeff, an analyst for ESPN and ABC who has been severely critical of flopping, for being one of the impetuses that caused the league to examine the issue.

“I think Jeff is more responsible than anyone for it even being addressed and we have talked about it a lot over the years,” Stan Van Gundy said. “It shows you what can be the power of broadcasting. Without him, I don’t think the problem would be addressed. He almost forced them to address it.

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