By Rob Mahoney
November 13, 2012

By Rob Mahoney

Since acquiring James Harden, the Rockets' on-court chemistry has been fairly uncanny. Harden and Jeremy Lin already have a good foundation from which to build a solid basketball relationship, and the Rockets' playmakers and big men play in harmony, as evidenced by the 19 points that Omer Asik scored via several assists on Monday night. And though the overall talent of the roster curbs Houston's hopes for consistent offense, the connections between players suggest a natural fit and mutually beneficial relationships.

Yet it may surprise some to learn that Houston's quick chemistry has already surpassed the physical realm. After lining up for a technical free throw on Monday, Harden was seemingly high-fived by the very idea of his teammates -- who were otherwise absent from their usual rebounding positions per the nature of technical foul shots. 

This is only the latest example in the league's rich history of metaphysical high-fives, but a worthy addition to the archives nonetheless.

Via Marcel Mutoni

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