By Ben Golliver
November 13, 2012


By Ben Golliver

Tuesday's game between the Knicks and Magic at the Amway Center in Orlando was delayed between the first and second quarters after a female stunt team member reportedly fell on her head during a performance.

After a delay of several minutes, during which the woman was attended to by medical personnel, she was eventually rolled off the court on a stretcher with her neck immobilized. As she departed, she waved to the crowd with both arms, receiving a loud ovation from the crowd and members of both teams.

In a statement released during halftime, the Magic identified the stunt team member as Jamie Woode, noting that she had been transported to Orlando Regional Hospital and was able to move her extremities. On Wednesday, reported that Woode had suffered "three vertebrae fractures and a broken rib," but that she was expected to make a "full recovery."

Multiple reporters at the game indicated that the woman fell on her head and that the crowd grew silent as staffers attended to her near midcourt. Alan Hahn of the MSG Network reported that it was a "scary scene" and that she fell "off [the shoulders]" of her teammate, suffering a "hard fall." Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel reported that the fall "looked very bad" and that the girl had "tried to get onto a guy's shoulders during the performance, fell backward and appeared to hit the back of her head on the court." Frank Isola of the New York Daily News called it an "awful scene" and said the "poor girl is seriously hurt."

Video replay of the incident, posted to Busted Coverage, shows Woode being lifted onto a fellow team member's shoulders.


The Magic broadcasting crew initially cut to a commercial as both teams waited for play to resume.


Update: On Wednesday morning, the Orlando Sentinel reported that Woode sustained several fractures but no neurological damage.

Middle video via YouTube user islesguy4vids

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