By Ben Golliver
November 21, 2012


By Ben Golliver

One of the NBA's most notorious floppers has become the first player fined under the league's new anti-flopping program.

Yahoo! Sports reported Wednesday that the NBA will fine Nets forward Reggie Evans $5,000 for his second flopping violation after he simulated a foul during a Tuesday night game against the Lakers. Evans was one of several players singled out in the NBA's official video introducing its anti-flopping policy.

Evans was officially warned on Saturday for violating the league's flopping policy during a Nov. 15 game against the Celtics. Evans became the fourth player to be warned for flopping, following Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea, Cavaliers guard Donald Sloan and Thunder guard Kevin Martin, but he is the first to receive a second strike, which carries an automatic fine. A third violation will bring a $10,000 fine, a fourth violation will cost $15,000 and a fifth will run Evans $30,000. After that, Evans would be subject to increasing fines and/or suspension.

On his first flop, Evans grappled with Celtics forward Jared Sullinger for rebounding position. When Sullinger swung out his left arm to free himself from Evans, the Nets forward reacted as if he had been struck in the face, falling immediately to the ground and holding his face. Sullinger was whistled for a foul on the play. Watch video of that flop at the bottom of this post.

On his second flop, Evans brought the ball up court after a rebound, dishing off to Nets guard Jerry Stackhouse. As he crossed half court, Lakers forward Metta World Peace lightly touched Evans in his back and side with both hands. Evans intentionally lost control of his body, threw his arms up in the air and staggered toward the sidelines as if shoved by World Peace. Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni immediately protested from the sidelines, telling one of the officials that Evans had flopped. Video of that play is at top (via YouTube user NBAGamer44).

World Peace tweeted about flops by Evans and Nets forward Gerald Wallace on Tuesday night.

what was the best flop tonight? out of the three?i am so happy the nba charges $5000 per flop...... the two gerad wallace flops were i am on the court like"what in the world"!!! it is crazy because i am still strong but quicker. i was so nervous when gerald wallace flopped i thought the ref ws going to call a foul on me.. the refs did a good job on the gerald wallace flops... but they missed the reggie evans flop.... its ok.. they will catch the next ones

Evans' second flop, against the Lakers, was very similar to the flop that he was called out for in the league's video. On that play, Evans was singled out for over-exaggerating contact while setting a screen as a member of the Clippers last season.

"The highlighted player, No. 30 in the white uniform, sets a screen on the on-ball defender and then feels slight contact and falls to the floor," the video's narrator explains. "However, the level of contact on the play is inconsistent with the grossly embellished fall to the floor. This was an illegitimate basketball play by No. 30 in the white uniform, intended to draw an unearned defensive foul call. Again, this is a flop that will be penalized."

Evan's first flop, against the Celtics, was similar to a flop perpetrated by Hawks forward Josh Smith in the league's introduction video. During that play, Smith fell quickly to the ground while fighting for a rebound with Celtics forward Paul Pierce.

"As the highlighted defensive player prepares for a potential rebound, he feels slight contact from his opponent in his back," the narrator explains. "He then falls forward and collapses to the floor in an obvious over-embellishment. The actions of the player in the white uniform are inconsistent with the level of contact on the play and is designed to draw an unearned loose ball foul on his opponent. Again, this flop will be penalized."

Here's video of Evans' first flop via YouTube user Beckley Mason.


Hat tip on the videos: @jphanned

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