By Ben Golliver
November 22, 2012


By Ben Golliver

Kevin Durant might be a cold-blooded crunch time scorer, but the guy is far from ruthless. Just ask this elderly woman who was seated courtside at Oklahoma City's Chesapeake Energy Arena to see Durant's Thunder defeat the Clippers 117-111 in overtime.

Midway through the third quarter, with the Thunder leading 64-56, Durant attacked the paint and attempted to feed Thabo Sefalosha on the left wing once the defense collapsed. His bullet pass was tipped, though, and wound up hitting the woman square in the face. Watch the lower left corner of the video above and you'll see it was a direct hit. Brutal.

Durant, being Durant, immediately went over to the woman to ask her if she was all right. A video replay then captured him planting a kiss to the top of her head as her courtside companions looked on. The extra attention caused her to break into a wide smile, as you might imagine. Durant finished with a game-high 35 points, six rebounds, five assists, five steals, six turnovers and one smooch in 47 minutes.

never been shy about sharing their affection

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