By Ben Golliver
November 28, 2012


By Ben Golliver

NBA referees are supposed to be background noise. Veteran official Joey Crawford doesn't play by those rules.

One of the league's most demonstrative arbiters stole the show during the fourth quarter of Tuesday's game between the Pacers and Lakers in Los Angeles, executing an extended dance-like, high-stepping version of a block call.

With 1:15 remaining in the fourth quarter and the game tied at 74-74, Crawford whistled Lakers guard Chris Duhon for a block on a drive by Pacers forward David West. In so doing, he galloped five steps from the baseline clear out to the three-point line, whistling as he worked, so to speak. Here's an animated .GIF version for your enjoyment.

Crawford's antics prompted an immediate reaction on Twitter, especially when the Pacers went on to steal a last-second 79-77 victory thanks to a dramatic George Hill layup. Check out a sampling of the humorous and passionate responses.

@jaadande: The 4th quarter belongs to Joey Crawford. Even when Kobe's on the court.

@LeBatardShow: Look-at-me referee!

@canyon_may: feelin it

@evantablatin: SWAG SWAG

@blazerbanter: Can this please be the new "C Walk?"

@jb713: Joe Hollywood

@Bighawk85: the worst ref!

@sophiabiabia: Adore him

@bumpypotatoe: I can't stop watching this

@jlax916: Where can I get a Joey Crawford jersey?

@cowboybacker: that was charge if I ever saw one

@worldwidericky: I hate the NBA.

@GirlsOnWehris: gonna watch that over and over while listening to "hold me back" by Rick Ross

@kitdesai: why are people taking about his stupid dance? how bout the fact that he MISSED the call?

@cuffuregirlGeorge Hill already walking back on D thinking it was a charge !!

@8pts9secs: It's just sad.

@AMas92: I hope the internet gets the animation of him in out-of-context backgrounds soon

@fesnard: I'm trying so hard not to wake up my family while I snort and chortle

@NOLAtlien: David Stern gotta corral this dude


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