By Rob Mahoney
December 03, 2012

Vancouver Grizzlies The Grizzlies left Vancouver for Memphis after the 2000-01 season. (Robert Beck/SI)

By Rob Mahoney

The Internet's secondary market offers a chance to snatch up all manner of NBA gems -- from autographed memorabilia to championship rings to, apparently, the entire hardwood court of a relocated team. According to this Craigslist post, the new owners of the Vancouver Grizzlies' former practice facility are seeking someone to take the entire hardwood floor off their hands. It's hardly uncommon for a swath of NBA court to pop up on eBay or the like, but seeing the entire plot for sale in one place is just a bit more rare, and far more valuable for the collector in need of a stocking stuffer spanning some 4,800 square feet.

If you happen to have $13,000 burning a hole in your pocket and have a Canadian friend who loves basketball, appreciates quintessentially '90s NBA color schemes, hasn't disowned the Grizz outright since their departure from the country, didn't turn coat to pledge allegiance to the Raptors and by chance owns an empty warehouse or hangar in which to store a full-size NBA court, then you just might be in a position to pick up this gem and make both the seller and the recipient very happy.

J.E. Skeets @NBAVancouver

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