By Rob Mahoney
December 06, 2012

By Rob Mahoney

Bucks coach Scott Skiles doesn't have the benefit of a straightforward roster, and it shows in his game-to-game distribution of minutes. Milwaukee's rotation has been a stream of movement; aside from Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings, virtually every Buck has been shuffled in and out of the mix in Skiles' pursuit of a winning combination. It's almost impossible to predict how many minutes each player might log (or what form Skiles' lineups might take) from one game to the next, and it's not at all uncommon to see a player go from big minutes to a DNP-CD in a few days. Nothing is given, and no role is secure. Skiles simply cranks the carousel as he sees fit.

To illustrate, I've compiled the distribution of minutes for each of Milwaukee's 17 games into a Google Motion chart for easy consumption. Just click the image below (or click here) to check out the chart, and press play to watch the scrambled progression of the Bucks' rotation over the course of the season (please note that 1901-1917 translates to Game 1-Game 17):

Motion chart

Tobias Harris

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