By Ben Golliver
December 07, 2012


By Ben Golliver

If you think it's annoying when movie theaters tell you to silence your cell phone before the previews start, try attending a pregame or postgame NBA press conference. The commandment comes down, without fail, every ... single ... time.

Now we know why. reports that Cavaliers coach Byron Scott's pregame availability before Wednesday's game against the Bulls was interrupted when a reporter's cell phone went off. The worst part: the phone was placed on Scott's table, being used as a tape recorder, so the call couldn't immediately be silenced by the mortified offender.

Cameras were rolling, of course, capturing Scott's response and, as you can see in the video above, Scott played along in full, checking the phone, identifying the caller, answering the call, introducing himself to the caller, asking the caller how he was doing and explaining that the reporter was in the middle of a press conference and was currently unavailable. Laughter from the media gallery erupted, as you would expect. Scott hasn't been this quick on his feet since he was playing pressure on-ball defense in the 1980s.

Really, it's just good to see Scott smiling, given his team's 4-15 record and the absence of star point guard Kyrie Irving due to injury. Less than two weeks ago, after all, he said that his entire team, save Anderson Varejao, "sucked" during a loss to the Suns.

Video via YouTube user NBA.

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