By Ben Golliver
December 07, 2012

By Ben Golliver

Nuggets center JaVale McGee has cultivated a reputation for doing things that no one else can or would dare to try, in good ways and bad. His unmatched "Yes, yes, yes... oh, wow, no" ability was on full display against the Pacers in Indiana on Friday night. The four-second sequence, easily the zaniest of the 2012-13 season, is worth a full point-by-point breakdown.

We pick up the action late in the third quarter with the Nuggets holding a 67-64 lead. McGee collects a defensive rebound and all hell breaks loose. Check it out in all its animated GIF glory.


Step one: McGee, a seven-footer, beautifully splits Roy Hibbert and David West with a perfectly executed behind-the-back dribble at full speed.

Step two: Feeling confident, McGee races up court to start a fast break, ignoring all available outlet pass options and the possibility of slowing down to collect himself.

Step three: McGee stumbles as he dribbles, somewhat predictably, but refuses to give up on the play, deciding instead to launch an alley-oop to teammate Kenneth Faried from midcourt as he falls to the ground.

Step four: Faried doesn't even bother jumping, as the ball sails way over his head into roughly the 15th row of the stands.

Step five: McGee knocks over teammate Ty Lawson like a bowling pin as he crash-lands near the three-point line.

celebrated a wacky dunk

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