By Ben Golliver
December 15, 2012


By Ben Golliver

Barely beating the Pistons isn't supposed to look this pretty.

The Nets barely escaped in double overtime 107-105 on Friday night in Brooklyn thanks to a step-back game-winner from guard Joe Johnson.

With five seconds left and the score tied at 105, Nets coach Avery Johnson designed a nice play for Johnson, using him as the inbounder. After sending it in to Deron Williams, Johnson received the ball back quickly on a hand off as Williams cleared to the sideline, creating tons of open space in the center of the court with Brooklyn's other players spread wide. Johnson then worked on Tayshaun Prince from the top of the circle, using a behind-the-back crossover to create space between himself and the Pistons forward. From there, he nailed the open look before Prince could recover, sending the home crowd, which included television star Jerry Seinfeld, into celebration mode.

The full play can be viewed above but be sure to check out the NBA's phantom (super slow motion) version of Johnson's move and shot below. A do-or-die, high degree-of-difficulty isolation look against a middling opponent in mid-December has never looked better.


Top video via YouTube user hart4basketball

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