By Rob Mahoney
January 03, 2013

Fab Melo Celtics rookie Fab Melo is sidelined indefinitely with a concussion. (Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

By Rob Mahoney

Every NBA season brings its fair-share of bizarre injuries, with mopeds, apples, duffel bags, and mattresses acting as season-altering forces by a single bit of bad luck. But the latest in that long tradition is something of an instant classic, if only for the bumbling imagery it provides. Here's the report by Jessica Camerato of CSSNE:

Celtics rookie Fab Melo suffered a concussion last weekend after bumping his head on the doorway in his Sioux Falls hotel room while the Maine Red Claws [Melo's NBA Development League assignment] were in South Dakota for back-to-back games against the Skyforce.


The center donned a button down shirt and dress pants to join his Celtics teammates in the locker room prior to their game against the Memphis Grizzlies. He does not know when he will be able to sport a uniform -- there is no timetable set for his return.

"I still have a little headache," Melo said. "Sometimes I can't really focus on something for a long time, that's it."

Beware, 7-footers everywhere: Those door frames are not to be trifled with. I'm still trying to figure out what circumstances would have transpired to send the head of a 7-footer launching into a door frame quickly enough to be concussed, but that's likely to remain one of the league's great mysteries. In the meantime, we can all raise our glasses to Fab Melo -- for congratulations on his recent recall from the D-League, for a quick, safe recovery from his recent concussion and for providing the day's entertainment.


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