By Ben Golliver
January 14, 2013


By Ben Golliver

Outside of LeBron James and the annual Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend, you just don't see NBA players jump over each other all that often. Ish Smith couldn't care less about a lack of precedent.

With a little less than 10 minutes remaining in the second quarter and the Wizards leading the Magic 32-26, Smith, a six-foot guard, jumped completely over six-foot-four guard John Wall while trying to block a lay-up attempt. Wall beat Smith backdoor and received a pass from Wizards forward Trevor Ariza before pumpfaking to get a recovering Smith into the air.

Smith bit hard on the fake and his momentum sent him completely over a crouching Wall but, amazingly, it didn't carry him out of the defensive play. Instead, he pogosticked back into action, blocking Wall's shot before he could get off a clean look. I believe Jay Bilas dubbed that "Second Jumpability."

Smith, 24, is in his third NBA season after going undrafted out of Wake Forest. He's averaging 2.0 points and 1.7 assists for the Magic this season.

Below are five of the most memorable instances of hurdling for your amusement.

Top video via YouTube user HardwoodParoxysm09 | Hat tip: @EyeOnBasketball

James jumped over Bulls guard John Lucas III to complete an alley-oop during the 2011-12 season. Via YouTube user NBA.


Then Knicks guard Nate Robinson jumped over Spud Webb during the 2006 Slam Dunk Contest. Video via YouTube user romain2018


Pacers forward Paul George jumped over Roy Hibbert and Dahntay Jones during the 2012 Slam Dunk Contest. Via YouTube user NBAGermany2011


Then Lakers guard Shannon Brown nearly jumped over then Suns guard Jason Richardson during the 2010 Playoffs. Via YouTube user vaLTmac101604


Suns forward Tom Champers launched off of Knicks guard Mark Jackson in 1989. Video via YouTube user monocrater

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