By Rob Mahoney
February 01, 2013

caption NBA teams will wear throwback "Hardwood Classics" uniforms for select February and March games. (Adidas)

By Rob Mahoney

As the years roll on, so too do the expanses of NBA team wardrobes. Some teams have alternates on alternates on alternates, all designed to help freshen up the tedium of an 82-game schedule and stock the in-house fan shop. Those efforts have engaged fans and largely proved to be successful, with "throwback" jerseys being perhaps the most appreciated uniform variants of all. Any opportunity to reflect on better times or fond memories is generally welcomed in the sporting world, and the throwback device is an easy portal to a powerful sense of nostalgia.

The NBA and Adidas are looking to invoke that feeling more deliberately in their latest efforts, as seven teams will wear throwback uniforms for various nationally televised games during the next two months. We've already seen the Phoenix Suns try out their old-new duds in their game against the Lakers on Wednesday, but the Pacers and Heat will kick off this trend of 1990s uniforms in earnest with their ESPN-broadcast game on Friday.

Some of the teams' full throwback schedules have yet to be confirmed, but the Bucks have already announced plans to wear their retro uniforms 10 times in February and March -- beginning with Friday's game against the Knicks. Otherwise, the formal slate of Hardwood Classics Nights is as follows:

  • Friday, Feb. 1: Miami Heat* at Indiana Pacers* (ESPN)
  • Friday, Feb. 8: Los Angeles Clippers at Miami Heat* (ESPN)
  • Saturday, Feb. 9: Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings* (NBA TV)
  • Thursday, Feb. 14: Miami Heat* at Oklahoma City Thunder (TNT)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 20: Atlanta Hawks* at Miami Heat* (ESPN)
  • Thursday, Feb. 21: Miami Heat* at Chicago Bulls* (TNT)
  • Saturday, March 3: Chicago Bulls* at Indiana Pacers* (ESPN)
  • Sunday, March 10: Chicago Bulls* at LA Lakers (ABC)
  • Saturday, March 30: Indiana Pacers* at Phoenix Suns* (NBA TV)

* Denotes team(s) wearing Hardwood Classics uniforms

(H/T: J.E. Skeets)

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