By Ben Golliver
March 04, 2013

By Ben Golliver

The NBA inches closer to the end of the Harlem Shake fad life cycle thanks to the Nuggets, who have become the third team to launch a video in the past week. The Raptors kicked it off, the Heat knocked it out of the park and the Nuggets ... well ... it's not terrible, but it's hard to top the standard set by LeBron James and company.

Notorious goofball JaVale McGee rocks a Predator mask to opens the Nuggets' version as teammates Anthony Randolph, Kosta Koufos, Evan Fournier, Andre Miller and others go through various workout routines in the team's weight room. When the beat hits, the weirdness cranks up quickly, with Koufos doing the worm in a Ronald McDonald wig, and cameos from a Darth Vader mask, a South Park costume and a giant plastic snake, among other props.

For those who are still somehow uninitiated to a trend that is approaching its death bed: The Harlem Shake concept is simple. Two shots. First shot: a sole costumed figure begins dancing slowly as the beat to Baauer’s Harlem Shake picks up while a group carries on about its business, oblivious to the dancer. Second shot, after a brief cut: the whole group, in zany costumes, goes buck wild as the song hits its electronic fever pitch. That’s really all there is to it. Simple, goofy, harmless: everyone from Playboy models to soldiers to college kids to senior citizens has gotten in on the fun in recent weeks.

A whole host of mascots and dancers got in on the fun during All-Star Weekend, as did the Inside The NBA crew last Thursday.

Video via YouTube user JaVale McGee | Hat tip: Deadspin

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