By Ben Golliver
April 28, 2013

The Bethesda-by-the-sea church where Michael Jordan wed Yvette Prieto. (Uri Schanker/ Getty Images Entertainment) The Bethesda-by-the-Sea church where Michael Jordan wed Yvette Prieto. (Uri Schanker/
Getty Images Entertainment)

NBA legend and Bobcats owner Michael Jordan married longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto, a former model, at a wedding in Florida on Saturday.

Jordan, who turned 50 in February, and Prieto, 35, were wed in a ceremony at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach.

The first church building of Bethesda-by-the-Sea was built in 1889 and was the first Protestant church in southeast Florida. The second church was built in 1894 and still stands today as a private residence on North Lake Trail. The present Gothic structure was built in 1925, its cornerstone being laid on March 15, 1925.

Over the years, thousands of visitors have taken time to pause and reflect in this place. Beautiful stained glass windows fill the visitor with awe as sunlight illuminates the brilliant colors of the windows, casting ethereal images in the shadowed church.

The church also played host to Donald Trump's wedding in 2005.

The Miami Herald reported a few wedding details.

Jordan, 50, and Prieto, 35, were married before about 500 guests at the Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, a massive Gothic revival building in the heart of the ritzy island. Among the dozens of relatives, friends and business associates of Jordan’s were other aging basketball stars, including former New York Knicks big man Patrick Ewing and former Chicago Bulls Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper and Toni Kukoc as well as NBA TV announcer Ahmad Rashad.

Although photos of Jordan and Prieto have not yet gone public, shots of a number of his guests, including Pippen, Ewing and Jordan's mother, Dolores, have surfaced.

(Uri Schanker/Getty Images) Among the wedding guests, from left: Scottie Pippen and his wife, Jordan's mother, and Patrick Ewing. (Uri Schanker/Getty Images Entertainment)

After the wedding, Jordan and Prieto reportedly hosted a reception at an exclusive golf course. reports the details.

Jordan invited another 1,500 to join them for the reception at the Bears Club, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course community in Jupiter, Fla., where Jordan recently built a 38,000-square-foot home.

"They've been planning for months and months," says a source of the nuptials. "He wanted to give Yvette everything she's ever wanted."

Via Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie, provides additional details and aerial photos of the massive reception to be held inside a giant tent.

Michael Jordan’s Wedding Tent is 40,000 sq ft, 5000 sq ft larger than his 35,000 sq ft home in the elegant and classy Bears Club in Jupiter, Fl. ... The wedding site is in easy walking distance from Michael’s house.

The layout of the wedding tent structures appear to invite guests in on the left to a reception area followed by a main area where the ceremony is likely to take place along with dining afterward – and finally an enormous ballroom and dance floor already darkened with paneling to allow for lighting and effects to go along with the music. You can see what looks like a band stage (in purple) were curtains can be opened at the right time to allow people to see and hear the band perform.

An aerial shot of a wedding tent set up for Michael Jordan's wedding. (

Jordan and Prieto dated for a number of years before getting engaged in December 2011. Jordan divorced his first wife, Juanita, in 2006. The couple had been married for 17 years and have three children together.

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