By Ben Golliver
June 10, 2013

Some observers responded to Miami's Game 1 loss to San Antonio by calling for LeBron James -- who finished with the third triple-double of his Finals career -- to "do more" down the stretch as the rest of the Finals unfolded. While Tony Parker did outduel James down the stretch on Thursday, it was difficult to place the loss on the 2013 MVP when so many of his teammates came up small.

Game 2 saw James defer for much of the first half as he he struggled with his shot. Once he got going in the second half, though, Miami was off to the races, taking off on a 15-0 run during the last minute-plus of the third quarter and into the first few minutes of the fourth.

James' block of Tiago Splitter turned a mounting blowout into a full-fledged party and it opened up a spectacular burst of all-around brilliance from the four-time MVP.

After stuffing Splitter and celebrating for a few seconds with the American Airlines Arena crowd, James raced up the court to join his teammates on offense, eventually finding Ray Allen in the right corner for an open three. On San Antonio's next possession, James deflected a pass from Tony Parker intended for Danny Green. The ball ended up with Mike Miller, who was credited with the steal, and James was already off to the races. A quick feed ahead from Miller to James ended with a two-hand slam and a celebratory swing on the rim.

Two big defensive stops and two high-percentage (not to mention exciting) offensive finishes, all in less than 45 seconds of game action.

Miami went on to win 103-84 to take Game 2 on Sunday. James finished with 17 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, three blocks and three steals, a do-everything stat line that reinforced all the ways he can impact a game.

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