By Rob Mahoney
June 27, 2013

Oklahoma City and Minnesota are reportedly attempting to trade for the No. 2 pick to select Indiana's Victor Oladipo. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) Oklahoma City and Minnesota are reportedly attempting to trade for the No. 2 pick to select Indiana's Victor Oladipo. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Draft day is finally upon us, giving teams all the more reason to both float legitimate trade possibilities and create smokescreens to distract from their true intentions. It can be difficult to parse out the difference in some cases, but throughout the day we'll be collecting the latest in rumored moves from around the league for your consumption and dissection.

• Adrian Wojnarowski (Yahoo!): "Oklahoma City is pushing hard for a deal with Orlando to secure the No. 2 pick and draft Indiana's Victor Oladipo, league sources tell Y! Minnesota remains in pursuit of the No. 2 pick, eyeing Oladipo too. In a draft that scares everyone, no one chased harder than IU's guard."

According to reports from Yahoo! Sports, the New York Times and the Boston Globe, Brooklyn and Boston are deep into discussion on a deal that would sent Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to the Nets, with Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Reggie Evans, Tornike Shengalia, a signed-and-traded Keith Bogans, and three future first-round draft picks (2014, 2016 and 2018) going to the Celtics.

Yahoo! Sports: "The Brooklyn Nets are pursuing a blockbuster deal with the Boston Celtics to acquire future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The talks are centering around a package that would include Gerald Wallace, Tornike Shengelia, the expiring deal of Kris Humphries and three future first-round picks, sources told Y! Sports. Garnett has yet to be approached about waiving his no-trade clause, sources said, but there's a belief that he could be convinced of agreeing to a deal should the Celtics and Nets be able to reach an agreement on terms. No deal is imminent."

• Update via Adrian Wojnarowski (Yahoo!): "Celtics and Nets continue to make significant progress on parameters of a Garnett-Pierce deal, sources in talks tell Y! Sports. The teams won't seek approval of Garnett to waive his no-trade clause 'until the deal is agreed upon,' one source in talks tells Y! For Boston to get Garnett to agree to waive his no trade, it takes a unique circumstance: Moving with Pierce to a big market might be it. Boston had raised the Garnett-Pierce package with a Western Conference team, but very few places, if any, would go all-in like Nets on this. The Nets would [also] send back Reggie Evans, sign-and-trade for Keith Bogans and one more minimum level player as part of package, source says.

• Chad Ford ( "Hearing Nets 22nd pick in this year's draft is NOT in play in Celtics-Nets talk. Future picks for Boston."

• "The Cavs' top option is to trade the No. 1 overall pick for a combination of a veteran plus a 2014 lottery pick. If they can pull that off, they'll move the pick. If they can't, they'll keep attempting to move whomever they draft until all their options have been exercised. In other words, don't assume that they are keeping the player they draft at No. 1."

• ESPN Dallas: "Don’t expect the Dallas Mavericks to make a decision about dealing the 13th overall pick until they’re on the clock during Thursday night’s NBA draft. The Mavs have done plenty of prep work, aggressively shopping the pick around the league for weeks. They discussed all sorts of scenarios, including swapping the late lottery pick for a future first-rounder, trading down in this draft and even trading up, the latter being by far the least likely scenario. The plan is to put off committing to anything until just before they make the pick, whether it’s for another team or with the intent to actually keep the player. The Mavs want to see what kind of offers they might get at the last minute."

• Adrian Wojnarowski (Yahoo!): "Milwaukee has discussed switching draft spots (15 for 13) with Dallas to solidify itself to take Russian Sergey Karasev, sources tell Y!. Nevertheless, Dallas has multiple suitors for the 13th pick and expect offers to get better in hours before draft tonight. Concern for Bucks, though: Do they need to get higher than 13 for Karasev?"

• "The teams working hardest to move up higher in the lottery are the Jazz, the Wolves and the Thunder. The Jazz appear to be targeting Lehigh's C.J. McCollum. They are offering picks 14 and 21, but they might have to give up Alec Burks if they really want to get high enough to get C.J. The Wolves are also trying to get up very high in an attempt to land Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore. Their trade bait, as we've previously reported, is in the form of picks 9, 26 and Derrick Williams. The Thunder are on the hunt for a big man (they like Nerlens Noel and Alex Len), but they don't have as much to offer. The assets that they're willing to move -- Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones, possibly Reggie Jackson -- don't have enormous trade value. Their own pick next year won't be great, and the Mavs pick that they own is top-20 protected next year."

• The Denver Post: "The key question for the Nuggets in the NBA draft Thursday: Is a guaranteed three-year contract for $2.8 million -- $899,000 in the first season -- worth it? That's what the 27th pick in the draft will cost the Nuggets, should they select a player in that slot. And would that player even play? The short answer to those questions is no, and the Nuggets are expected to try to trade out of the first round. But there are complications in doing so. They aren't the only team drafting late in the first round looking to make a move out of it. If those teams can't find a suitor, the Nuggets would have to make that selection."

• Adrian Wojnarowski (Yahoo!): "Sacramento has been aggressive in trying to move up from seventh in the draft, league sources tell Y! Likely target: Ben McLemore."

• Marc Spears (Yahoo!): "Clippers aren't expected to trade Eric Bledsoe tonight despite interest from the Raptors, Pistons, Pelicans, Magic and Mavs, sources tell Y!"

• Ken Berger ( "As the Kings look to move up from No. 7, they could find a trade partner in the Suns, who are exploring a move back from No. 5, sources say. Teams say Sacramento's probable target in a trade up would be Kansas' Ben McLemore...As Phoenix looks to move down and Sacramento up in the lottery, teams getting clear message from the Wizards: They're keeping their pick."

• Sam Amick (USA Today): "The Phoenix-Sacramento situation is dependant on how draft unfolds, but unclear who the Suns are after and what scenarios lead to pick swap."

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