By Staff
July 18, 2013

Host Jon Hamm poked fun at Dwight Howard, LeBron James and Heat fans during his monologue at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

Here's a rundown of the Mad Men actor's NBA-related barbs:

• "This is the 20th anniversary of the ESPYs. That means that when the very first ESPYs aired, Ray Allen was only 35 years old. You still look good." (Allen, who was in the audience, turns 38 on Saturday.)

• "It's great to be here in L.A., although not everyone feels that way. Dwight Howard recently announced that he was leaving the Lakers to play [crowd boos] for the Houston Rockets. I guess it looks like he finally found a way to help the Lakers win. But, come on, this is L.A. We thought it would be nice to honor Dwight Howard by taking a look at his greatest moments as a Laker." Then a few bars played of Tina Turner's The Best before the song was cut off.

• "Not only that, but Metta World Peace is leaving L.A., going to New York. I'm a little surprised at that. I thought if Metta went anywhere, it would be right back to his home planet."

• "Congratulations to the NBA champion Miami Heat. The Heat won their second championship in a row this year, thanks in large part to their coach, Bruno Mars. Love your work, really do," Hamm said, drawing a big laugh from Erik Spoelstra.

• "Are there any Miami Heat fans here or did they leave already? Is that why [Chris] Bosh isn't here? Is he chasing them down?"

• "The NBA Finals had absolutely everything. Clutch shooting, edge-of-your-seat games and every single stage of male pattern baldness. It was a clinic." The camera panned to James, who pretended to fuss with his hair.

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