By Ben Golliver
August 17, 2013

Thanks to his elite handle and quickness, Kyrie Irving has consistently been an absolute menace to defenders in non-NBA basketball settings, and here's another solid chapter to that developing story. The Cavaliers' All-Star point guard has piled up YouTube views everywhere from USA Basketball scrimmages to Pepsi commercials, and he took his one-man act to Seattle on Friday, where he competed in the Jamal Crawford Pro Am.

Like Kevin Durant before him, Irving made sure he put on a show, with his best play coming when he left a big man for dead with a vicious "Shammgod Crossover" on his way to a lefty lay-up. The play is the second shown in the video above (the first play, a machine-gun like series of crossover dribbles, isn't too shabby either). Irving pushes the ball out to his right, intentionally exposing it for a split-second to get the defender to commit before yanking it back from right-to-left with his left hand as he takes off towards the hoop.

The reverse angle -- which really highlights Irving's insane change of direction and body control -- is below via YouTube user Ballislife West.

The move takes its name from God Shammgod, a McDonald's All-American from New York City who went on to briefly play for the Wizards before pursuing a long playing career overseas. Shammgod gave an interview in 2010 in which he described how he taught his signature move to Lakers All-Star guard Kobe Bryant. Video via YouTube user Cox Sports.

"I used to tell [Bryant], if you just do this one move, you'll be good because you're 6-foot-7," Shammgod explains. "He was already good, but I was like, 'You'll get past your defender every time.' It was up to him to keep working at it. He worked at it. He just took it to the next level. I don't think he can do it like I can do it, but I think he [did] it justice. Of course he did it something, he's Kobe Bryant, probably the best player in the NBA right now and arguably was the best player for the last six or seven years."

Irving's full highlight reel from Seattle is below via YouTube user HoopMixtape.

Top video via YouTube user HoopmixtapeBlog

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