By Ben Golliver
August 17, 2013

We continue our tour of Jamal Crawford Pro Am highlights -- which previously included stops for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving -- with a round-up of dunks from Blake Griffin, who hit the court in Seattle on Saturday.

The Clippers' three-time All-Star forward went deep into his bag of tricks, pulling off a through-the-legs windmill, a leaning two-handed alley-oop catch, an off-the-backboard lob slam, a one-handed putback dunk, a leaning flush in transition, a reach-back alley-oop flush, a full-speed two-handed reverse dunk in transition and a gliding right-handed alley-oop finish. If you're counting, that's a total of eight dunks; the scary part is that we've seen all of them from Griffin before, and many of them were during NBA games.

Below, a few different angles on the off-the-glass dunk, which was set up by Crawford. Video via YouTube user HMTExtras

Last week, the NBA released a compilation video of the top 10 plays of the Clippers' 2012-13 season. As you might have guessed, both Griffin and Crawford are featured prominently in the "Lob City" mix. Video via YouTube user NBA

Top video via YouTube user Ballislifedotcom

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