By Rob Mahoney
October 16, 2013

Some NBA big men are equipped to run pick-and-rolls as the ball handler, thread cross-court passes to teammates and dazzle with no-look dishes. The Clippers' Byron Mullens is not one of them.

But on Tuesday, Mullens -- a notorious shoot-first power forward -- decided to try his hand at the craft after one of his drives drew more attention than expected. By the time Mullens had dribbled to the free throw line, four Suns had converged on his position. He took this as an opportunity to kick the ball to an open teammate, eyeing Willie Green in the left corner. He glanced over, let it rip, and ... sent a pass sailing into the stands, some 10 feet over Green's head.

There's something to be said about a black-hole shooter's good intentions, but hopefully Mullens can reel it in a bit next time.


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