By Ben Golliver
October 17, 2013

(Adidas)Derrick Rose models the Bulls' new varsity jacket. (Adidas)

Your favorite NBA player will be sporting some fresh gear as he goes through the lay-up lines this season, as Adidas unveiled Wednesday a brand-new roster of warm-up apparel for all 30 teams.

Dubbed the "On-Court Collection," Adidas has rolled out new warm-up jackets and pants, new shooting shirts (in long and short sleeve versions), and an eye-catching new varsity warm-up jacket. Bulls guard Derrick Rose, Rockets center Dwight Howard and Blazers guard Damian Lillard were enlisted to model the new looks, which can be previewed in the gallery below.

Unlike the company's sleeved jerseys, the On-Court Collection is fairly traditional and non-controversial. If there's a nit to pick, it's that Adidas's three-stripe logo is very prominent on the standard warm-up jacket' sleeves and pants, making for a bit of a candy cane phenomenon when taken together. Past that, the gear sticks tightly to each team's color scheme, and the warm-ups strike the right balance between "bold" and "not going too far."

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The clear highlight of the new package is the varsity jacket, which features a heather grey base on the chest and back that is augmented by the team's usual color scheme and logos. Rose is sporting the Bulls' varsity jacket above; Lillard, Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio and Knicks guard Iman Shumpert all wear their team's version of the varsity jackets in the gallery below. Teams will start wearing the varsity jacket warm-ups on weekend home games that take place after Christmas Day.

Check out this gallery of the new looks modeled by Rose, Howard, Lillard, Rubio, Shumpert, Wizards guard John Wall, and Warriors forward Harrison Barnes.

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