By Matt Dollinger
October 27, 2013

San Antonio Spurs The Spurs might play boring basketball, but they're pretty funny off the hardwood. (H-E-B screenshot)

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are NBA champions several times over. Together, they form one of the greatest trios in the history of the league. And all three will almost certainly be inducted into the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame one day.

That said, these commercials deserve to make the trip with them to Springfield.

Duncan, Parker and Ginobili -- along with an assist from Kawhi Leonard and Matt Bonner -- recently filmed four 30-second advertisements for H-E-B, a San Antonio-based supermarket chain in Texas and Mexico and a long-time partner of the Spurs. The Spurs and H-E-B have a history of teaming up for funny ads, and the latest batch doesn't disappoint.

Unlike the last leg of a regular-season road trip, the Spurs don't mail in these performances. All four are legitimately funny. Among the highlights:

  • Ginobili and Parker living the Great Gatsby, eating steak in smoking jackets
  • Leonard using the word "indubitably" to perfection
  • Duncan being genuinley touched by Parker's "relish" pun
  • Leonard dominating his teammates in the art of laundry sorting

Check them out for yourself ("Splendid" is our personal favorite):

"One for Each"


"Laundry Sorting"

"Tough Talk"

Ball Don't Lie

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