By Rob Mahoney
November 07, 2013

The Thunder looked a bit out of sorts to start the season, but a few games together -- and a matchup against a porous defense -- was all it took to set things right again.

Russell Westbrook is back in the lineup, the offense is clicking and Kevin Durant is losing defenders off the bounce to finish with smooth, sweeping finger rolls. These are the Thunder we remember, as two of the top shot creators in the league combined for 45 points in Wednesday's 107-93 victory over the Mavericks on Wednesday. Dallas hung in for a half but was overwhelmed as the game progressed.

Westbrook was in fine form, hitting 10-of-20 from the field in only his second game since returning from two knee surgeries. As if to alleviate any lingering concern over his knee, Westbrook showcased his end-to-end speed, hang time and powerful finishing ability in a single statement play:

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