By Rob Mahoney
November 13, 2013

Leave it to Joey Crawford, the most infamous of active NBA officials, to turn a spilled drink into an episode.

In the third quarter of a game between the Sixers and Cavaliers last Friday, Crawford called for cleanup after a man sitting courtside spilled his drink on the sideline. Nothing undue about that, as the spill occurred in the exact spot at which Sixers forward Lavoy Allen was set to inbound the ball.

Apparently, though, the work of the mop boy on the scene was not to Crawford's liking. After the spill got its once-over, Crawford blew his whistle and barked at the mop boy retreating to his post -- seemingly demanding further cleanup via towel wipedown. Nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution, I suppose, though Crawford seals the ordeal in trademark fashion by appearing to stare down the boy with the mop from across the court.

target="_blank">All target="_blank">class, this guy.


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