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November 14, 2013

Patrick Ewing and Michael Jordan Patrick Ewing (left) was one of many dunk victims for Michael Jordan. (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Michael Jordan says his most memorable dunk was his baseline throwdown over Patrick Ewing during the 1991 Eastern Conference playoffs.

“I told him, Georgetown guys don’t block shots, all they do is take charges,” Jordan said. “I dunked it so hard on him it's unbelievable. Every time I see him, that’s the first thing I remind him of.”

Pretty solid pick from Jordan:

Jordan also mentioned his 1997 dunk over noted shot-blocker and finger-wagger Dikembe Mutombo -- a slam that was a long time in the making:

Jordan dished on several other topics in a promotional video for NBA 2K14:

On the four players he'd select to win pickup games with him: "Scottie Pippen, for sure. Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Hakeem Olajuwon. I got no chance of losing. None at all."

On his favorite Air Jordan sneakers: "That's hard. It's like saying, Which one of your kids do you like the most? XIs are my favorite. IIIs are my next favorite. Probably XII or XIII comes in third.

GALLERY: Air Jordans through the years

"I always wore a brand new pair of shoes of every game. The reason I chose to do that is because if you ever put those shoes on for the first time [as a kid], it's like you feel energetic, you feel like you have something you can actually showcase. Well, I wanted that feeling every game."

Former ball boy to auction Jordan's Flu Game sneakers

On the significance of No. 23: "In high school, when I played with my brother, my favorite number was 45, and his favorite number was 45. But we were on the same team. He had seniority. He had the option to wear 45, so I just figured 23 was half of 45 -- 22½. So I grabbed 23, and 23 has stuck with me the whole time.

"I went back to 45 [in the NBA in 1995]. I was just coming back from my retirement, my father had just passed. I had never worn any other number other than 23 in front of him in the NBA. I felt like I wanted to start off fresh. So I went back to 45, and for whatever reason that didn't click in terms of luck or just the way I felt." Jordan switched back to No. 23 for good during a 1995 playoff series against the Magic -- a swap that drew fines from the league.

On wearing No. 12 for one game in 1990 after his game jersey was stolen from the locker room in Orlando: "Everyone was trying to go into the stands to try to find my replica jersey that everyone was wearing. None of them fit, obviously. So I ended up wearing No. 12 for that particular game. I actually played pretty good that game, if I remember correctly." Jordan scored 49 points in a 135-129 overtime loss to the Magic.

Watch the video from 2K here:

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