By Ben Golliver
November 16, 2013

The NBA announced Saturday that Heat guard Mario Chalmers will be suspended for one game without pay after he threw a flagrant forearm to the head of Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki during Miami's 110-104 road win over Dallas on Friday.

Chalmers will serve his suspension on Saturday when the Heat visit the Bobcats.

With roughly five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and Miami leading 98-93, Chalmers was defending Jose Calderon on the perimeter. Dallas set two screens for Calderon and, after fighting through the first one, Chalmers sent Nowitzki staggering backwards to the court with a left elbow/forearm to the face.

The referees gave Chalmers a Flagrant Foul 2, which requires an automatic ejection, during the game. He departed with four points (on 2-for-8 shooting) and three assists in 24 minutes.

Last week, the NBA league office retroactively assessed a flagrant foul to Chalmers for hitting Clippers forward Blake Griffin in the neck with his forearm as the Clippers forward attempted to set a screen.

Although the blow to Nowitzki's head was fairly brutal and similar in nature to the shot to Griffin, Chalmers denied that his foul Friday was intentional, pointing out that Samuel Dalembert was holding onto his left arm as he set the first screen. Chalmers claims that he was trying to swing his arm clear of Dalembert and that the follow-through from the swinging motion led to the foul on Nowitzki.

"Never in my career been a dirty player," Chalmers wrote on Twitter. "It's clear that my arm was being held and that's [what] caused me to hit Dirk. Enough is enough, man. My teammates [are going to] hold it down for me tonight against the Bobcats. Can't wait [until] Tuesday night. It's [starting] to get personal now."

The Heat will host the Hawks in Miami on Tuesday night.

Chalmers, 27, is on the books for $4 million this season. A one-game suspension without pay will cost him roughly $36,300.

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