By Ben Golliver
November 24, 2013

A total of three players were ejected from Portland's 113-101 road victory over Golden State on Saturday in the aftermath of a third quarter scrum.

There was quite a bit going on in this on-court altercation, which carried toward the courtside seats near the Warriors bench before it was eventually broken up by the referees and coaches from both sides. Things began when Andrew Bogut and Joel Freeland became entangled in the paint during a Portland offensive possession. Bogut eventually swung his right forearm and elbow to clear Freeland off of his body, which prompted a number of Blazers to come to Freeland's defense.

Blazers guard Mo Williams escalated the incident by exchanging shoves with Bogut, and eventually Williams pushed Bogut's head backwards. Bogut's arm actually went inside Williams' jersey at one point as he retaliated, and LaMarcus Aldridge ultimately had to hold Bogut back from Williams. In short order, a group of roughly 10 players intervened and the shoving continued towards the crowd along the baseline. Injured Warriors center Jermaine O'Neal entered the fray, too, holding back Williams from continuing the altercation.

The Blazers and Warriors got into an on-court scuffle Saturday night that saw three players ejected. (Ben Margot/AP) The Blazers and Warriors got into an on-court scuffle Saturday night that saw three players ejected. (Ben Margot/AP)

A whole host of penalties were handed out: Williams was ejected, Wesley Matthews received a technical foul (his second of the game, requiring an ejection), Freeland received a technical foul and Aldridge received a technical foul for Portland.

Bogut received a technical foul and Draymond Green was ejected for Golden State.

The punishments raised a number of questions. Why wasn't Bogut ejected for his central role in the initial incident, the elbow swing and the shoving with Williams? Why was Green ejected instead of Bogut, when he didn't appear to take a leading role in the incident? What, if any, further sanctions will result from the scrum?

It seems clear that Bogut and Williams have the most to worry about when it comes to receiving additional punishment from the league office. The NBA isn't a fan of escalating, and both players were guilty of furthering the aggression rather than keeping the peace. Their punishment could take the form of a fine, a suspension, or both. It's unlikely the league will find anything worth more than a one-game suspension from this incident.

Portland went on a 40-21 run after the incident to claim its 10th straight victory.

Aldridge finished with 30 points (on 7-for-21 shooting), 21 rebounds, three assists, three steals and three blocks. Matthews added 23 points (on 8-for-9 shooting) and three rebounds.

Klay Thompson led the Warriors with 30 points (on 10-for-13 shooting) in a losing effort. Stephen Curry, who was back from missing time with a concussion, finished with 22 points (on 8-for-21 shooting) and 11 assists.

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