By Ben Golliver
December 11, 2013

Glen "Big Baby" Davis celebrated Orlando's 92-83 road win against Charlotte by wrapping his arm around Fox Sports Florida sideline reporter Dante Marchitelli and getting a little goofy during his post-game interview.

"I want to get close and personal with you, because you're a great guy," Davis told Marchitelli.

That heartfelt one-liner was the conclusion of a 90-second interview that started with Davis leaning his head into Marchitelli's and taking on an extra-emotional tone as he answered the standard post-victory fare.

(Fox Sports Florida)Glen Davis gets "close and personal" during his post-game interview. (Fox Sports Florida)

"Oh my god! You have no idea! It's been a long road trip but you know what, we stuck together, in spite of what happened," Davis said, sounding a bit like he was auditioning for a minor role in the next Anchorman, as he pumped his fist for emphasis. "You know what? We're coming home with a win. It's good vibes, good feelings, and you know what, on to the next game, let's get some wins at home."

Davis finished with 17 points (on 8-for-17 shooting), 12 rebounds and three assists as the Magic snapped a six-game losing streak by beating the Bobcats.

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It's possible that we just witnessed Big Baby videobomb his own post-game interview with all of his extemporaneous voice changes and silly faces, and Marchitelli did well to keep his composure.

"Glen Davis never ever disappoints in his post-game interviews," Marchitelli wrote on Twitter afterwards. "Another tremendous job, and the Magic get a much needed win! Thanks Glen Davis for the up close and personal postgame interview! Well done, ha. You are a funny human being!"

Earlier this season, Davis dug into a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving during a post-game interview.

Orlando improved to 7-15 with the win; Charlotte dropped to 10-12 with the loss. Gerald Henderson scored a team-high 12 points (on 3-for-14 shooting) and added four rebounds for the Bobcats in a losing effort.

Video via YouTube user Orlando Magic

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