By Ben Golliver
December 13, 2013

Hawks center Al Horford hit a buzzer-beating, game-winning fallaway jumper to deliver a 101-99 overtime victory against the Wizards at Philips Arena on Friday night.

With 1.8 seconds remaining in overtime and the score tied at 99, Pero Antic inbounded the ball for Atlanta on the right side of the court. Horford began the play in the near-side corner, faking a back screen near the free-throw line before cutting to the far baseline, away from the action. Antic opted for a lob over the top to Horford in space, but rather than throwing it at the rim, Antic sailed it over the top of the defense close to the left block.

Horford did well to haul in the pass and, after quickly settling himself on the catch, he went back up immediately with a shot attempt, as time was of the essence. Horford's shot was a leaning, falling mid-range jumper over the top of Trevor Booker, and it splashed through just after the buzzer sounded.

Reuters reported Horford's post-game reaction.

"It was supposed to be a lob for a dunk, but Booker did a good job, kind of pushing me away," Horford said. "As soon as I caught it, I just shot it. Since we've worked on it before, I was comfortable taking that shot."

Horford finished with a game-high 34-points (on 15-for-23 shooting) and 15 rebounds in 41 minutes. Kyle Korver and Paul Millsap both added 16 points for the Hawks.

Booker led the Wizards with 24 points (on 12-for-19 shooting) and 14 rebounds in a losing effort.

Atlanta improved to 12-11 with the win; Washington dropped to 9-12 with the loss.

Video via YouTube user frank den

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