By Rob Mahoney
December 16, 2013

Golden State's Andrew Bogut is one of the few centers in the league with the freedom to bring the ball up the court in transition, and he made full, impressive use of that privilege Sunday night. With just eight seconds remaining before halftime of the Warriors' game against the Suns, Bogut secured a defensive rebound and -- without hesitation -- looked to move the ball up the floor.

Three Suns converged on his position -- as tends to be the case when opponents spot a questionable ball handler in transition -- but Bogut got the best of them with a timely, accurate, behind-the-back pass to a wide-open Stephen Curry. After taking a moment to set his feet, Curry knocked down a three-pointer and completed the assist.

Bogut has long found success as one of the better passing bigs in the league, though he typically does so in more static fashion. He'll make the right play out of the post after drawing a double. He'll kick the ball to an open shooter after pulling in the defense as a pick-and-roll.

Blake Griffin

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