By Ben Golliver
January 03, 2014

Andre Iguodala hit a game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer to lift the Warriors to a 101-100 road victory over the Hawks in Atlanta on Friday.

With 3.2 seconds remaining and the Hawks leading 100-98, the Warriors inbounded the ball from the left sideline. Iguodala had trouble finding someone open on the play as Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes and David Lee all came off looking for the ball in various locations. Finally, Iguodala tossed it to Stephen Curry near halfcourt, who quickly decided to quickly return the pass to beat a double-team trap by returning the ball to Iguodala.

Iguodala found himself gathering the ball with less than two seconds remaining on the clock. Turning towards the hoop as he received the pass, he launched a three-pointer from the left angle in a slightly rushed motion. The buzzer sounded shortly after the ball left his hand, and the shot swished through to deliver the final one-point margin of victory, much to the shock of the Philips Arena crowd. Iguodala sprinted down to the far baseline in celebration as his teammates raced after him.

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The San Jose Mercury News reported Iguodala's post-game reaction to his second game-winner of the season.

"Every part of that play worked because everybody ran like they were going to get the ball, and the defense had to stay honest and pick their poison," Iguodala said.

Iguodala's game-winner was his only made three-pointer in three attempts on the night, and he shot 3-for-5 overall to finish with just seven points, five assists and three rebounds. David Lee led the Warriors with a team-high 23 points (on 9-for-16 shooting) and eight rebounds, while Curry added 22 points (on 7-for-15 shooting), nine assists, eight rebounds and five assists.

Pero Antic tallied a team-high 16 points (on 6-for-9 shooting)and seven rebounds for the Hawks. Paul Millsap added 12 points (on 3-for-14 shooting) and 11 rebounds in a losing effort.

Golden State improved to 22-13 with the win; Atlanta dropped to 18-15 with the loss.


Video via YouTube user frank den

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