By Rob Mahoney
January 03, 2014

Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson was knocked to the floor in a scary collision on Friday night, the impact of which left him immobilized for several minutes.

The play in question, which occurred with roughly 11 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of the Pelicans' 95-92 win over the Celtics, seemed to be devoid of any malice. In positioning himself to receive an inbound pass, Anderson evaded Kris Humphries and moved along the free throw line. Unfortunately, Pelicans guard Darius Miller came sprinting to the same side of the floor, and brought with him Boston's Gerald Wallace. Miller was able to squeeze through to receive the pass, but Wallace crashed directly into an unsuspecting Anderson. With the hit, Anderson's neck snapped back. He immediately went to the floor, where he laid face-up and still until his teammates -- and eventually, the training and medical staff on-hand -- came to meet him.

Wallace, though shaken up, did not appear to suffer an injury; he remained in the game for Boston, though only after speaking with Anderson briefly as he was being taken off the floor on a stretcher. The full benches of the Pelicans and Celtics gathered around Anderson in solidarity as the doctors prepared him for travel. According to David Aldridge of Turner Sports, Anderson was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated for a cervical stinger.

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