By Rob Mahoney
January 06, 2014

Nuggets guard Nate Robinson has a boundless energy, so boundless it seems that he couldn't help but streak to the hoop for two put-back dunks in the closing minutes of a decided game. When the Nuggets' game against the Lakers on Sunday had dwindled down to a mere formality (one that would eventually wrap with a 137-115 win), Robinson kept at it. He darted through the formation of Laker defenders on two separate occasions -- less than a minute apart -- to elevate for emphatic dunks. There's not any other kind with Robinson; a player so short, so athletic, and so exuberant knows only how to finish in style, and Robinson held up that standard with these two follow slams.

For good measure, Robinson completed his eventful fourth quarter with a third dunk: An alley-oop finish in which he earned a technical foul for hanging on the rim.

That particular dunk pushed Denver's lead to 24, one shy of the Nuggets' biggest advantage for the evening. Why he felt the need to swing around on the rim after an uncontested finish with such a lead long-since established is beyond me, other than to say that Nate will be Nate. It's all very much in-character for one of the league's foremost entertainers, and power to him.


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