By Matt Dollinger
January 28, 2014

Michael Beasley, LeBron JamesMichael Beasley and LeBron James teamed up to perform Juvenile. (Screengrab from YouTube)

LeBron James singing Juvenile? Chris Bosh channeling Tom Jones? Pat Riley and Jimmy Buffett performing a duet?

Some things in life can't be unseen or unheard. This is one of them.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of the Miami Heat took a little break from world basketball domination and had a little fun on Monday night, participating in the third annual South Beach Battioke, a karaoke charity event hosted by the Heat's Shane Battier to raise money for his Take Charge Foundation. 

We've seen the Heat show off their musical and dancing chops before -- like last season's Harlem Shake video (remember when that was a thing?) -- but the clips below put those performances to shame. Or maybe they add to it. One of the two.

Here are the highlights from Monday night's festivities, performed at the Fillmore Miami Beach:

1. LeBron James (feat. the entire Miami Heat): "Get Low" -- Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz.

Nothing says 2014 like Lil' Jon.

2. Greg Oden, Shane Battier and Ken Jeong (?): "I Want It That Way" -- Backstreet Boys

I want every song this way.

3. Bosh: "The Humpty Dumpty Dance" -- Digital Underground

Bosh actually just had a spare hat and pair of Groucho Marx glasses on him.

4. LeBron, Wade, Haslem: "Blurred Lines" -- Robin Thicke

Finally! Falsetto LeBron. Right?

5. Bosh: "It's Not Unusual" -- Tom Jones

Sometimes, things just make sense.

6. D-Wade's wife Gabrielle Union: "Friends in Low Places" -- Garth Brooks

Kind of an awkward song to sing in front of all your friends, but OK!

7. Pat Riley and Jimmy Buffet: "Heard It Through The Grapevine" -- Marvin Gaye

This is right up there with the Showtime Lakers and back-to-back titles with the Heat.

8. LeBron, Wade, Bosh: "Come and Talk To Me" -- Jodeci

And they said the Big Three wouldn't be able to play together ...

9. Toney Douglas: "Let's Ride" -- Montell Jordan (LeBron and James Jones providing back-up dancing)

A third-stringer in every regard.

10: LeBron, Michael Beasley: "Back That Ass Up" -- Juvenile (NSFW)

We saved the best for last. Something tells us this isn't LeBron's first time singing karaoke.

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