By Rob Mahoney
January 31, 2014

Uh oh: Wesley Matthews' sharp shooting from the corners has turned a bit dull of late. (Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)Wesley Matthews' sharp shooting from the corners has turned a bit dull of late. (Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Welcome to the Short Corner: A celebration of the NBA in the pithiest form possible. Below are a collection of notebook-style items from the week that was, laid out for your buffet-style enjoyment.

• Wesley Matthews has been one of the hottest three-point shooters in the league this season, especially from the corners. This month, though, Matthews has made just 28 percent of his corner threes. If this is regression to the mean, it's a harsh regression indeed.

• In Wednesday's game against the Bulls, the following five-man lineup took the court for the Spurs: Marco Belinelli, Matt Bonner, Jeff Pendergraph, Cory Joseph and Nando De Colo. This is truly the end of days.

• Earlier this week, Celtics big man Kris Humphries offered a wise prescription for dealing with tough losses in the NBA (via Jay King): "If you have animals, go home and hang out with them."

• Considering how many teams are hurting for guard depth, it's more than a little weird that Shannon Brown isn't in the NBA.

• A friendly reminder: In January, the Raptors have posted a better pace-adjusted point differential than the Pacers while playing a comparable schedule.

• Of all the players I wish could stay on the floor for 36 minutes a night, Nene is near the top of the list. He's so good for the Wizards and helps in so many ways, yet has hit the 36-minute mark only six times this season.

• Miami ran a nifty little double-screen set to get a needed score against the Thunder on Wednesday:

• It's probably not a good omen for the Mavs that lineups featuring guards Jose Calderon and Monta Ellis have been outscored by about a point per 100 possessions. That's the worst margin (and the only negative one) of any of the NBA's top 15 pairings in terms of minutes played.

• Now out of a job: Cartier Martin. He's a fringe talent, but a potentially useful one in the 3-and-D set.

• Still not quite sure how to make sense of the Blazers' bench being noticeably improved while Dorell Wright – maybe the biggest addition – has been a negligible factor.

• They don't come terribly often, but I do enjoy those moments where Carmelo Anthony is so giddy upon catching the ball in transition that he sneaks in a few extra few steps.

• I can't say I anticipated this, but I miss watching injured Rockets big man Greg Smith -- a power-dunk specialist of impressive stoicism -- play basketball.

• I was a little surprised to find that with Eric Bledsoe out -- and more minutes going to Gerald Green and Leandro Barbosa -- the Suns' defense has essentially held steady.

• Not to be lost in Chicago's resilient season: Taj Gibson has been awesome.

• It's nice to see some signs of life from Golden State's Marreese Speights, who was in the early running to be one of the more disappointing signings of the season. It's funny how quickly the value of a score-first (and in Speights' case, second third and fourth) player dives when his shots aren't falling.

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