By Matt Dollinger
February 12, 2014

Milwaukee Bucks After unveiling 'Beard Night' earlier this month, the Bucks' marketing geniuses are at it again. (Courtesy of

It's been 14 years since Y2K panic spread across the globe and sent people into a frenzy with threats that the technological infrastructure of the world was about to collapse.

Luckily for all of us, Y2K turned out to be a dud and the robots did not take over. Or whatever was supposed to happen.

To honor our dodged demise, the Milwaukee Bucks have decided to roll out "Y2K Night" on Feb. 22 when the Indiana Pacers come to town. Among the features of this bizarre extravangza: Y2K-era pricing ($7 seats!) and a halftime performance from '90s cult hero and hip-hop artist Coolio.

If the paragraph above didn't convince you to fly to Milwaukee in the dead of winter and plop down $7 to watch Bucks-Pacers and Coolio, maybe this little nugget from the team's press release will do the trick:

In addition to Y2K pricing and this unique halftime performance, all fans in attendance will also receive a free retro Bucks pennant. All in-arena entertainment during the game will reflect the Y2K-era theme as well, including player introductions, music and in-game contests.

Just to review: For $7 (plus a $10,000 Ticketmaster fee), you get a ticket to Bucks-Pacers, a halftime performance from the man who won a Grammy for singing "Gangsta's Paradise," a retro Bucks banner and the thrill of celebrating the moment in history when society almost fell to its knees because everyone's computer clock was about to go on the fritz.

I'll see you there.

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