By Rob Mahoney
March 03, 2014

It seems the crowd-pleasing abilities of Bucks rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo extend well beyond the hardwood. While attending Sunday's match between the Milwaukee Wave and the Missouri Comets, Antetokounmpo was invited down to take a midfield shot with prizes on the line. There was, naturally, a catch: The goal was essentially walled off save for three small holes, making the game one of both long range and incredible precision.

The 19-year-old rookie didn't hesitate, and after showing off his juggling skills, teed up his shot and...whiffed wide left. But the Wave gave Antetokounmpo another attempt, on which his aim was a bit more true. The shot didn't quite make it through the game's obstruction, but Giannis was so tantalizing close that he was given a third and final attempt. Antetokounmpo nailed it, with his shot tucking into a tight gap for a goal some 58 yards away. Not too shabby, rook.


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