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March 07, 2014

lakers-reaction (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

If you knew nothing about the outcome of Thursday's Lakers-Clippers game, the above photo would serve as a sufficient recap.

In case you are interested in some reaction to the Lakers' worst loss and the Clippers' most lopsided win in franchise history (142-94), read on ...

• Ramona Shelburne, "[T]o reach that level of dejection, you have to be deeply invested in something, and the guys currently wearing the purple and gold really don’t have much connection to the franchise. Most won’t be here long. Some just got here. The rest are trying to figure out what category they fall into. 'I’ve never been in a game where a team won by 50,' veteran center Chris Kaman said. Never mind that the Los Angeles Clippers actually beat the Lakers by 48 points. The part of that statement that’s actually in doubt is the use of the word 'team.'"

• Steve Kerr, TNT: "It's amazing how quickly things can slip away from you in this league. One year ago the Lakers got [Steve] Nash, Dwight Howard and they're thinking championship. Now it's all just falling apart, and it's on to the next phase. It's going to be a few years before they can get back to at least a respectable level."

• Mike D'Antoni, Lakers coach: "They smelled blood in the water and they killed us.”

• Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times: "They can't make enough pingpong balls to cover this mess. ... On a night when the Clippers were unstoppable, their brilliance was still overshadowed by the Lakers' heartless lousiness, and enough about how they are missing Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. Does that mean they also have to be missing pride? Has there also been a season-ending injury suffered by dignity? Does that make it OK to come within a basket of losing to the Clippers by 50?"

• Vincent, Bonsignore, Los Angeles Daily News: "If the Lakers can’t get up to play a home game against their Staple Center rivals, what hope do they have against anyone else? They hopped on a plane to Denver late Thursday night and you just know the Nuggets were waiting at the airport with a red carpet. Need a win? Call the Lakers. They’ve finally gone complete tank."

• Marc Stein, "No one around league crying for Lakers cause they're cratering all the way into a top-five pick that gives 'em options Knicks would kill for."

• Magic Johnson, Lakers Hall of Famer: "Glad I fell asleep and didn't have to watch the Clippers blow out the Lakers last night.

• Rob Lowe, actor: "I have been a Lakers fan for over 35 years and had season tickets for almost a decade. For now, this franchise is lost without Dr Buss."

• Kobe Bryant, injured Lakers guard: "Misery = Motivation #thanku #urwelcome."

Photo via NBAE/Getty Images

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