By Rob Mahoney
March 24, 2014

Over the past few seasons, Jermaine O'Neal's already prolonged free throw routine has stalled to the point of absurdity. And, it seems, to the point of great confusion; opponents regularly stumble into the lane when O'Neal hits the hitch in his shooting stroke, as the practiced cadence of a typical free throw attempt overtakes situational perception. There is no readily available data as to which players force the most lane violations, but rest assured that O'Neal would easily top the list. His every attempt from the stripe is a test of attention.

So for a little Monday fun, we here at The Point Forward pieced together the above collection of O'Neal's disorienting free throws, as well as the violations* -- whether called or uncalled -- that followed. Enjoy.

*For what it's worth, O'Neal is also among the most guilty of the seldom-enforced 10-second violation. Players have only 10 seconds to prepare and attempt a free throw after receiving the ball from a referee, but O'Neal regularly takes his time and trudges through the 10-second threshold while holding the ball mid-hitch.

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