By Ben Golliver
April 01, 2014

The NBA has fined Kings forward Reggie Evans $15,000 for elbowing Pelicans forward Anthony Davis in the face during Sacramento's 102-97 road victory on Monday.

With a little more than one minute remaining in the third quarter and the Kings leading 80-71, Evans went to work on Davis on the left block. Turning towards the hoop after working himself into the paint, Evans' left elbow made direct, forceful contact with Davis as he entered his shooting motion.

The game officials hit Evans with a flagrant foul 2, a designation that applies to contact that is deemed both "unnecessary and excessive" and carries an automatic ejection. He departed with three points (on 1-for-1 shooting) and 12 rebounds in 23 minutes. Davis was able to continue playing following the incident, even though the blow left him laying on the court dazed and in pain for some time.

This foul likely caught the league office's attention because of the force of the contact and because the leaning angle of Evans' shooting motion was a bit unusual. Nevertheless, both the ejection and the fine are a bit surprising, as Evans seemed to be making a legitimate attempt to score, even if his method was a bit clunky.

The additional sanction from the league office left Evans in amazement, as he wrote on Twitter: "WOW!!!!!!!!!!"

A rebounding and screen-setting specialist known for his tough guy persona, Evans was traded by the Nets to the Kings back in February. Earlier this season, he was the recipient of a punch from Ersan Ilyasova that landed the Bucks forward a one-game suspension. Evans was also fined $5,000 by the league office in Dec. 2012 for his second violation of the league's anti-flopping policy.

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